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Want to join? Email Patti to get full access. Perfectlyokay.org is the previously official and now hardly unofficial 😉 social and support center of the Finders Courses Alumni community, with over 1800 members.  This growing, self-evolving community began in 2016 with the parallel efforts of John Conaway (RIP) and Patti Levin who were students in the first Explorers Course (EC). See more about our history here. We are “run” by an organizing committee consisting of Patti, Tancha, David, and Amy. We are funded by voluntary donations. Everything in POK is free. Come to the New to POK Meetup (passcode 0000) Mondays at 10am PT.

We’re constantly delighted with the enthusiastic innovation that keeps manifesting in the form of new meetups (almost 60 live meetups EVERY week!) and other initiatives offered by many of our members, resulting in the thriving and still growing community around us today. Our meetups are open only to POK members. All grads of Jeffery Martin‘s courses (FC, 45DC, NLC, EC, TLC, Finders’ Community, EP, LLM, MMP and now open to folks who only take the free mini Explorers Course) are welcome to join POK. Sample our meetups, watch videos of 100s of special guests and a ton of helpful awakening and stabilizing methods, read through the Forum and post if you are so moved. If you know anyone who hasn’t become part of our community, please have them email Patti who will register them.

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Thanks so much to all of you who have donated. It is greatly appreciated but certainly not required!


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